The Shadow of Uldril Mendras

Chapter 1
warm welcomes in the frozen wastes

our heroes arrive in the city of Kargalth, the capital of the artic and very religious kingdom of Selros, answering the call for heroes to help them defend against a massive greenskin invasion. after all had assembled, the high general approached them all and warned them that once he disclosed what their task was, they would all be bound to do the task. He then left and gave all gathered ten minutes to decide whether they could commit themselves to a task that they knew not what it was. ultimately, about half stayed, including our heroes (if you could call them that). When he returned, he disclosed the mission: bombing attack. He split each group into strike teams, each one with a single powerful magical rune that could be activated to decimate large sections of the greenskins. In addition, each group was given a single teleportation spell that would allow them to get out before the spell exploded. When the remaining mercenaries cried foul on being sent on a suicide mission, he replied simply that the first group to succeed would be given a king’s ransom. Our heroes were assigned to the mighty goliath warrior Kalag and the Cleric of Heronious, Peter. After debating for a while on the best way to approach the base, they decided to retrieve a map, but were interrupted when a goblin strike force breached the palistade, reinforced by several orcs and a few trolls. After repelling the attack, they caught their breath and realized that they could not delay any longer. Every day brought the enemy force closer, and if they tarried for too long they would not be able to stop the main force from assaulting the city itself.


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