Welcome to the world of Senetria. What’s left of it anyways. A thousand years ago, the kingdoms of the land united against the empire, devestating the land. though they were victorious, the vicious magic used on both sides left the land unihabitable. None who venture more than a few miles into the wastes ever return, though the legends of the lost treasure of the cities never fail to atract more damned souls to their fates. But not anymore. War is once again brewing. The greenskins of the northern icelands have all united under a single banner, constantly praising the name of their new warlord, Khaazag Ghordak. meanwhile, in the southern desert kingdom of Khesselth, The yuanti have become increasingly more active, ambushing any that attempt to venture out of the cities, making travel by land impossible. The Lizardmen have suddenly appeared in vast numbers near the jungle kingdom of Entect, forcing them to take arms. The dead of the wastes have become increasingly agitated, and frequently march into the ethnic cultural kingdom of Pescai. Seeing an opportunity in the chaos, pirates, thiefs, and bandits have quadrupled in number. Any one, or even two, of these events could be chalked up to luck. However, the advisiors and diviners of all the nations even now whisper amongst themselves. They know that there is simply too much for it all to be “coincidence”. These are dangerous times, and the kingdoms have sent out a call to all, looking for brave heroes and mercenaries to step forth and defend the realm against these innumerable threats. This is the time of judgement, and the survival of the world depends on these heroes.

The Shadow of Uldril Mendras